Select Room System for HIT PhD


  • Name : Select Room System for HIT PhD
  • Time : 2011.12 - 2012.05
  • Role : Developer

This is a dynamic website built with Java, and is used for HIT PhD to choose their room when they enter HIT. JQuery is used as front-end script, and Struts is used as Controller as well as Container. And AJAJ(Aschronously Javascript and JSON) is used to send data to, and retrieve data from back-end asychronously.

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  • Name : HuaYanQiaoYu (花颜巧雨)
  • Time : 2011.08 - 2011.12
  • Role : Developer
  • Teammate : Zhijie Qiu, Thomas Chen.

Huayanqiaoyu is a android game designed as entry for The Second Google’s Android Development Challenge for Campus. It’s developed with original android sdk, honestly speaking, it is not a nice software cause the code is not beautiful.


<img src=”/assets/images/Project/Huayanqiaoyu/menu.png” alt=”menu.png” width=120 height=200 style=”width:120; height:200”/> <img src=”/assets/images/Project/Huayanqiaoyu/playing.png” alt=”playing.png” width=120 height=200 style=”width:120; height:200”/> <img src=”/assets/images/Project/Huayanqiaoyu/score.png” alt=”score.png” width=120 height=200 style=”width:120; height:200”/> <img src=”/assets/images/Project/Huayanqiaoyu/help.png” alt=”help.png” width=120 height=200 style=”width:120; height:200”/>

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  • Name : QQRadio
  • Time : 2011.04 - 2011.08
  • Role : Team leader
  • Teammate : Shan Zeng, Junyi Zhou.

QQRadio is a web application ran on WebQQ platform and is designed to play online radio on web. It’s an entry for The Tencent’s Campus Star Development Competition of 2011.

QQRadio is a developed with HTML & Javascript and also WebQQ api(Javascript). Finally QQRadio got a “Popular Web app Award” prize of this competition.

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Advanced Person and Group Appraising System of HIT


  • Name : Advanced Person and Group Appraising System of HIT (Harbin Institute of Technology)
  • Time : 2011.04 - 2011.06
  • Role : Developer
  • Teammate: Aibao Li, Qizhen Zhang.

This is the first project I had been involved in. It’s a dynamic websites developed with Jsp and original Servlet, and use MySQL as database.

As a normal website, most of the pages are built with native HTML and Javascript, Ext-Js was used to build front-end UI for role Teacher and Administrator.

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